About chia logs analyser

When I first started to create plots for chia, first question I had - how many plots am I able to create per day.

Currently you have to read every log manually and you probably made a table to measure and compare your plotting performance, while trying different settings.

To simplify this task, I decided to create this page, where everyone can simply upload their plotter log, which gets analysed and stored. If you upload your log while authorized, you will also become some stats, like how much plots was made by you today.

Also I am interested to create an overall statistic, as people are always asking the same question on the internet - how fast can you create one plot.


The development is just started and is currently in progress. Here are some functions I would like to implement

  • [ ✔ ] Upload plotter log to get a nice looking information about created plot.
  • [ ✔ ] Each user becomes uniq ID after first upload, which then used for all later uploads, to keep users statistics together
  • [ ✔ ] An overall stats overview over all uploaded logs
  • Collect hardware information, which is coupled with logs

If you have any interesting idea, or found a bug, you are free to contact me over hi@lorado.dev